Caring Community

These are the obligations without measure, whose reward, too, is without measure: To honor father and mother; to perform acts of love and kindness; to attend the house of study daily; to welcome the stranger; to visit the sick; to rejoice with bride and groom; to console the bereaved; to pray with sincerity; to make peace when there is strife. Gates of Prayer

The concept of a Caring Community Committee was conceived more than two decades ago. The Committee was created in response to the growing needs of older adults in the community, visiting congregants at home and in the hospital, sending meals to those recovering from an illness, and calling and visiting those who are homebound. Through the years as other needs were identified, new programs were added, such as reaching out to and welcoming the disabled in our community. Today, our members continue this fine work but are also being trained to reach out across the generations to congregants who are struggling with other life crises such as working while raising children and having to provide care to an aging parent; or dealing with issues around divorce, or unemployment.

Our members are congregants of Central Synagogue – Beth Emeth  who have worked in a variety of professions including nursing, social work, law, and administration. However, the only requirement for membership is that you are a caring person who is willing to reach out to congregants in their time of need. Our members arrange shiva minyamim and provide meals to those in mourning. We are also responsible for the successful Dinner With Friends events. Our religious school children create greeting cards for young and old alike. In addition, we provide Care Rides to those who are unable to drive to Shabbat services or to synagogue meetings.

The role of caring belongs to all of Central Synagogue. There is no greater way to perform mitzvot and to act on the Jewish values we have been taught than by reaching out to our own Central Synagogue family. Become a part of the Caring Community Committee and touch the hand and heart of someone in need.

caring community