Central Synagogue Memorial Park at Beth Moses Cemetery was established over 60 years ago. Of the 1,0000 graves originally acquired by Central, approximately 50 are still available for purchase by congregants at a price significantly below the current fair market value of graves purchased directly from the cemetery. Central Synagogue Memorial Park is governed by the regulations of Beth Moses Cemetery, and only persons of the Jewish faith may be interred there. Beth Moses Cemetery is located on Wellwood Ave. in Farmingdale, NY, approximately three-quarters of a mile north of the Southern State Parkway (631-249-2290). Our Memorial Park is located on North Avenue, beginning at the intersection of Naomi Street (Section 23) as shown here: Beth Moses Map .

For details concerning the purchase of graves and the required perpetual care, please contact the Temple Office (516-766-4300) and speak to our Temple Administrator.

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