Marcia Colton

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As told to Barbara Prins, Past President and Co-Chair, 80th Anniversary Committee

The Colton family is one of the newer members of Central. They joined the Central family this past summer. Marcia (pronounced Marseea), husband Howard, and 8-year-old twin daughters Jana and Sarah live in Freeport.

           Marcia, a speech language pathologist who works with children who have Autism in a public school, is a petite red head, gracious and very animated as she tells me how welcomed by the congregation she and the family felt when they joined; how “warm and inviting, family oriented” we are. She was touched when one of the member of Sisterhood greeted her after Hebrew School with a Rosh Hashanah themed gift basket. The Board of Trustees welcomed the family with a plant, and she is determined that unlike any other plants she ever had, that this one should flourish along with the family membership.      

Marcy – as she is often called – shared with me that as the family considered membership in Central, they were impressed with our website, and the opportunities it featured encouraging membership involvement. One of her daughters is particularly taken with the library. And Marcy has already joined the 80thanniversary committee!

When I was a Girl Scout there was a special song we would sing about new friends (and those of you who were ever scouts will know it, too): Make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver and the other gold. As we celebrate Central in its 80thyear, make sure to cherish long-time friends, but be sure to welcome new ones.

Welcome, Colton family – Marcia, Howard, Jana and Sarah.