Welcome to Central Synagogue – Beth Emeth

Our congregation is more than a building, a school, or a set of programs. CSBE is its members, pure and simple. We are a community of friends and an extended family. We are an inclusive congregation, reflecting the diversity of the American Jewish community. Our members come from all over the world, and represent every stream of Jewish thought and practice. With membership, we commit ourselves to a journey of discovery, where each of us, in our own way, deepens our connection to Judaism and our ties to Israel . We discover greater Jewish meaning through Torah study, at Dinner with Friends and other congregational events, from worship and singing, and through acts of Tikkun Olam. Our Engagement committee strives to deepen members’ connections through a wide array of events. We support a wide variety of Jewish creativity.  Those who choose to make our synagogue part of their lives will find themselves welcomed by fellow congregants, and inspired and enriched by our shared Jewish life.

Central Synagogue – Beth Emeth is a place to explore all that we can be Jewishly, it is a destination for spirituality and community. By making our congregation your destination, and forging your own Jewish path with us, you will find a home where faith, famiy and friends are Central.

For more information please call our Administrator, Joy Gluzman at (516) 766-4300 or