Primary Grades

Kindergarten and 1st grade: The students focus on the Jewish home and holidays. We recognize that every family participates in Jewish activities at different levels; therefore, we emphasize the basics. Many of the rituals are explained and performed in class, and we celebrate all the holidays. We introduce the sanctuary as a special place, and explain the objects found there. It is a year filled with fun activities, including craft projects and library time. Hebrew letters are introduced on a primer level.

2nd grade: In the Torah Strand, study is from the Book of Exodus. We discuss how the Torah is different from other books, and how it can help us in everyday life. The Avodah Strand speaks about finding sacred connections to God, self and the community and the G’milut Chasadim section discusses the responsibility we all have to perform acts that make the world a better place. In Hebrew, the letters and sounds of the alphabet are reinforced. The year is filled with activities, crafts, music, art and library visits.

3rd grade: This year begins a more formal approach to the study of Hebrew. The students are now expected to recognize all of the Hebrew letters, group them into simple words and know how to write Hebrew block letters. In the middle of the year they advance to the Mitkadem Hebrew program. We recognize that students learn differently; therefore, individual attention is given to students who require extra help. Each one works with a teen tutor who encourages each child to work at the appropriate level.  The overall topic of the CHAI curriculum is K’dushah/holiness and the difference our actions can make in the world.