Concurrent Activities for Erev Shabbat



Concurrently, ailment each week we offer a service and another activity, generic such as participatory music, unhealthy poetry reading, stories to delight and edify, discussion of ethical dilemmas, guided meditation, etc. The services and activities are timed to end so that all participants can share coffee, sweets, and company at our Beit Cafe’, a fancy oneg Shabbat.

Special services such as Central’s Shabbat Seder, Sisterhood Shabbat, or other dinner related activities, are included in the schedule. We know of no more exciting and rewarding destination for erev Shabbat than 430 DeMott Avenue.

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Concurrent Activities for Erev Shabbat, Titles and Descriptions


Our worship styles are progressive; sometimes our rabbis will present ideas through sermons and at other times facilitate discussion by the congregation.  Our cantor and soloist engage us with a mix of musical styles accompanied by piano and/or guitar. Frequently our music is enhanced by the addition of instrumental and vocal talents of Central Beat, our choir, Shir Harmony, and Shul of Rock.


Ru’ah Service- We sit in the round and raise our voices in spirited song together, and engage one another in meaningful discussion. The Shir Harmony band of musicians often participate. 


Shabbat Seders that combine dinner, services, and conversation in a unique celebration.    This is a special dining-worship experience for singles, couples, and families with young or older children, to come together and share the joy of Shabbat. You will be seated in groups of
8 to 10, to enjoy a home-cooked, family style dinner, at a modest cost
($10.00 per adult/child 13 or over. $5.00 per child under 13 years; maximum cost per family unit is $25.00). Throughout the evening, there will be several culinary courses, intermixed with song, prayer, learning, and conversation. The meal is being specially prepared by congregant volunteers and therefore we will not be able to accommodate anyone who does not make a reservation.


Show & Kvell is an innovative program of the Jewish Experience @ 430
DeMott that gives our students a chance to “show” what they have learned while the adults “kvell” [burst with pride]. In Show & Kvell the whole school engages in age appropriate, multi-sensory study of unit
themes that are taught for 6-8 weeks. At the conclusion of the unit each class makes a brief presentation about what they have learned, incorporating drama, music, dance, and art or writing projects into the Kabbalat Shabbat [Friday evening] services.


Our 45 Minute Service is usually preceded by a communal dinner or followed by a special activity during the Beit Cafe’.


Other Special Musical Services
(C)han(n)uka(h) Celebration with Shul of Rock and bring your menorah and candles for lighting, December 11th,2015

From Broadway to the Bima- Enjoy a Shabbat service filled with music from stage and screen. February 26th,2016

Nosh With Nashira-  An opportunity once a month to enjoy a quick dinner with Cantor Kohlbrenner and the Nashira choir before learning a few selection for that evening’s Shabbat service.

Other Activities to Honor Shabbat

Guided Meditation
At the end of the week follow the directions of a facilitator to take a
journey within that will help you relax, reduce stress, heighten self awareness, and promote personal and spiritual growth.


Ethical Dilemmas
Ethical dilemmas do not have prescriptive and clear solutions. These
moral problems often bring values we hold into conflict. We will discuss contemporary issues and the conundrums in which we find ourselves in light of the wisdom of Jewish tradition.


Is it good for the Jews? Explore current news headlines and their impact on the Jewish community


Israel: Behind the Headlines
Discover a side of Israel you won’t find in the news. 


Power of the Word: Comedy
Explore the work of famous Jewish comedians and the effect that comedy has had on the Jewish community throughout the years.

Power of the Word: Poetry
The words give life to feelings and insights in significant ways. Poetry

intensifies our feelings and juxtaposes ideas in provocative ways. Feel it and enhance your sensibilities.


Power of the Word: Stories
Everyone enjoys a good story. We will share Jewish stories that will touch our hearts, transport our souls, and stretch our minds, even as they add delight to celebrating Shabbat.


Sermon Slam and Creating a Drash
An opporunity at our Beit Cafe’, Oneg to try your hand at crafting a breif sermon or spirtutal message.