Erev Shabbat (Shabbat Evening)

Shabbat evenings at Central Synagogue – Beth Emeth are designed to engage the entire familly.  On certain weeks worship services are accompained by an additional concurrent program. Our worship styles are progressive; sometimes our rabbis will present ideas through sermons and at other times facilitate discussion by the congregation.  Our cantor and soloist engage us with a mix of musical styles accompanied by piano and/or guitar.  Frequently our music is enhanced by the addition of instrumental and vocal talents of Central Beat (the synagogue band), our choir, and Shir Harmony (a lay led group of musicians).

Throughout the year we offer creative services including Ru’ach Services, when we sit in the round and raise our voices in spirited song together and engage one another in meaningful discussion, Shabbat Seders that combine dinner, services, and conversation in a unique celebration, “Show and Kvell”, wherein we are inspired by our youngsters, a child-friendly Kids Love Shabbat service and a 45-Minute format service. Other special musical services will occur throughout the year, as well.

The following are the types of programs you will see running concurrently with our worship service. See our calendar for full details. 

Guided Meditation
At the end of the week follow the directions of a facilitator to take a journey within that will help you relax, reduce stress, heighten self awareness, and promote personal and spiritual growth.

Click here for a three minute sample guided meditation. 

Ethical Dilemmas
Ethical dilemmas do not have prescriptive and clear solutions. These
moral problems often bring values we hold into conflict. We will discuss contemporary issues and the conundrums in which we find ourselves in light of the wisdom of Jewish tradition.

Power of the Word:
Explore the work of famous Jewish comedians, poets and artists. 

Sermon Slam and Creating a Drash
An opporunity at our Beit Cafe’, Oneg to try your hand at crafting a breif sermon or spirtutal message.