Youth Programming

Central Synagogue’s youth programming provides students (2nd-8th grade) opportunities for Jewish experiences outside the classroom and synagogue environment. The youth program allows for the students to come together to celebrate the holidays together in a fun and exciting way. We have a festive Chanukkah party, bake hamentaschen to get ready for Purim and enjoy our delicious annual chocolate seder. There are also purely social outings including bowling and roller skating. We also give the students a chance to participate in efforts for Tikkun Olam that have included in the past, Battle of the Bands and bowl-a-thon fundraisers for local and national charities.

The Shul of Rock is Central Synagogue’s youth band which is open to 8th-12th grade students. It provides musically inclined students the chance to share their musical talents whether it be their voices or playing a musical instrument for the congregation when they lead the music for services a few times a year. The band rehearses regularly and has a great time making music together! These are the various ways Central’s youth stays connected to this Jewish community.